Meet the Lodi Flowers Team.

   What truly sets Lodi Flowers above the rest, besides their commitment to buying only the finest product, is their impeccable team that works feverishly behind the scenes to make your NJ wedding flower arrangements perfect. From consultation to planning, designing to set up there is a highly experienced team there to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Unni Marcazo: Owner/Lead Designer

   Unni is the owner, founder and heart of Lodi Flowers. She began her floral design career when she was 14 years old in her native Norway. Eventually moving to the U.S. and opening Lodi Flowers 21 years ago. These years of experience equip her to understand your needs and create beautiful, high quality arrangements for any budget. When you meet with Unni for your consultation you will be struck by her unique design ideas, warmth and her meticulous nature that assures everything will be just as you would like it.


Meghan Marcazo: Unni’s Right Hand/Designer

   While young, Meghan has been Unni’s right hand for over 16 years. There’s a special kind of talent that comes from being raised around a creative skill. Meghan has the intuitive nature, impeccable design aesthetic and detail oriented eye one could only gain from being immersed in an artistic field. Meghan's understanding of color palettes coupled with a desire for perfection is what leads to truly inspired designs.


Bob Marcazo: Set Up Team/Office Manager

   Bob plays a crucial role in Lodi Flowers productivity and success. Bob is the finance brains behind the scenes of the business as well as being the delivery driver and floral set up specialist. Bob organizes, picks up, delivers and make sure your set up goes off without a hitch. Bob is also an ordained minister. There have been many occasions where Bob has also been the wedding officiant. To contact Bob about officiating your ceremony visit


Robert Jr. Set-Up Specialist

   Robert Jr. is Unni’s son and has been Lodi’s set-up specialist for many years.  His attention to detail and thoroughness make him ideally suited for events.  Robert Jr. strives to make each event flawless and carry out each customers vision to perfection. Having been raised in the industry he has a deep understanding of the clients needs.


Joetta: Quality Control Specialist

   Joetta helps to maintain one of the most important facets that leads to the stunning floral arrangements Lodi Flowers is known for: Quality Control. When the flowers arrive, Joetta is there to inspect them to insure they are of the highest quality. She then hydrates and feeds them and takes the utmost care to make sure they are beautiful vibrant for the special day.